About Our Company

Cargo Carriers Global is a proud voice in the world transport business, championing the global economy as a force for economic growth,job creation and prosperity. It continuously tracks significant trends and issues in supply chain and logistics pertinent to global and international business development.The partnership offers our partners and clients global business expertise, enhanced security, second-to -none efficiency and first-class Logistics, Customsand Trade Facilitation expertise.

Tons of cargo transported
Years of experience

Our Business Mission
Is Clients Satisfaction

Vision Statement

Cargo Carriers Global will be a world-wide network of premier freight forwarding and logistics providers, chosen for their track record of professionalism, credit-worthiness, and customer satisfaction. Together, these local companies provide on – the – ground know – how ; coupled with the proven depth and flexibility of their international partners to assure our customers enjoy the best service available, anywhere in the world.

Mission Statement

Cargo Carriers Global goes the extra mile to assure our partners and customers of the best possible services available today, with an eye toward how best to serve tomorrow’s needs. Cargo Carriers Global remains vigilant on the application of the rigurous standards we insist.  Cargo Carriers Global fosters a culture of transparency between partners and our customers so the trust is solidified. Cargo Carriers Global consistently strives to improve our services so that our customers enjoy ever greater flexibility and cost-efficiency.

What Makes Difference

Let’s share some highlights to enlighten our abilities and capabilities.
Here are three major differences of OUR TEAM:

  1. Academic and educational background
    • International Logistics and Transportation
    • Management and Organization
    • E-Foreign Trade
  2. Work Experience in the industry and its segments
    • International Freight Forwarding and Logistics
    • E-Foreign Trade
  3. Experience in networking management and organization
    • Seven Worldwide Business Organizations

Here are three major differences of OUR ORGANIZATIONS:

  1. Quality of member agents
    • We do not sacrifice quality for the sake of adding more members; we have strict selection rules and prefer to enlarge with internal dynamics of our groups.
  2. Strategy focused networking
    • We are gathering like-minded companies to speed up cooperation process and do not repeat ourselves in organization types to maximize benefits and interests of our member agents.
  3. Professional assistance in marketing, branding and networking We promote our memberswith exhibitions, newsletters, online media and social media tools in marketing andbranding activities. Additional to all these benefits mentioned above, we also assist our agents in solving any dispute and/or problem they would have in


Insurance Program

Cargo Carriers Global in – house Insurance Programme offers very cost-effective opportunities to its members under the Cargo Carriers Global Trust Fund agreement. The Insurance Programme saves thousands of dollars in insurance premiums to the Cargo Carriers Global members.
It covers the freight-loss of members due to Bankruptcy of another Cargo Carriers Global member. In case of non – payment of freight by a Cargo Carriers Global member to another Cargo Carriers Global member, the Insurance Programme guarantees the payment of unsettled invoices. The Cargo Carriers Global Trust Fund is a financial protection programme for all members and it is compulsory. The primary purpose of the Fund is to indemnify Cargo Carriers Global members  against the bankruptcy and non-payment of freight by another Cargo Carriers Global member firm.

Fee Information

Membership Type Price
Global Protection( HQ or 1st Office)     : $ 800 / Year
Global Protection( Per Branch Office)     : $ 250 / Year