International Cargo Insurance

Cargo Carriers’s international cargo insurance is vital to any business looking to protect shipments and ensure successful freight forwarding efforts. Protecting your interests and making your supply chain as complete and worry-free as possible is very important to us and international cargo insurance help us do that. Uninsured, unexpected disasters are one of the greatest threats to your business. Global trading involves risks, but good insurance eliminates the unwanted hassle. Do not leave your  livelihood up to chance – statistics show that one ship sinks each year and that you will experience a General Average* loss every eight years. If you are depending on the carrier to cover losses, their responsibility is limited by law as follows:

·       Ocean Carriers $500 per shipping unit (a shipping unit may be defined as one ocean container)
·       Air Carriers $4.07 per kgs
·       Truckers $0.50 per kgs

Cargo Carriers is proud to arrange All Risk warehouse to warehouse coverage. All Risk warehouse to warehouse coverage is competitively priced and insures approved merchandise against all risks of physical loss or damage from external causes.

By purchasing cargo insurance through Cargo Carriers, you can avoid inconvenience and frustration. All Risk Cargo Insurance costs approximately 0.5% -1% of the value of your shipment.

Call your Cargo Carriers  representative today for your free quote or complete our cargo insurance form to being the process.