Custom Brokerage Services

Global trade adds another level of complexity to your operations. Consider just the documentation.
You may be required to provide substantial information on a shipment’s contents, transportation,
financing, and insurance. What you need may depend on country of origin, destination, and transportation
mode. Let our customs brokerage services can help.

Our customs brokerage services will work with you so that shipments reach their destination as planned.
We stay current on all the relevant import regulations and updates. We also work under the power of
attorney of the importer and exporter to pay the shipment’s import duties.

Customs Brokerage

Customs clearance services execute all formalities governing the entry of foreign goods into the destination territory, as required by the destination customs and excise authorities.Trade Compliance services ensure regulatory compliance while mitigating supply chain disruptions and identifying cost savings opportunities for our customers.
Fully licensed provider to supply customs clearance services where authorized by host government. Cross Border Services provide customs clearance services.

Supply Chain Alerts, available through Cargo Carriers Logistics by subscription, provide timely information to keep you up to date on the issues affecting the movement of goods between countries. At Cargo Carriers, supply chain professionals help customers achieve overall supply chain savings while  gaining better control of their shipments. In addition to customs brokerage, our experienced Global Trade Management team can coordinate and optimize the logistical, financial and regulatory elements of your global supply chain.